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New Post 2/12/2011 5:52 AM
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Vinyl to Wood in an RV 

My RV ceiling is vinyl glued to thin, luan panels.  Where the panels meet, there are mouldings that snap into a channel that run the width of the ceiling.  The vinyl, then, runs under those mouldings.  The edges of the vinyl have worked loose and curled at each of the mouldings.  I have to remove the mouldings, uncurl and re-glue the edges of the vinyl to the luan panels, then snap the mouldings back in place. The glue I use has to be very strong, very quickly in order for me to straighten the edges and have it hold to the luan panel.  Because this is on the ceiling, I have no way to clamp or otherwise hold the vinyl in place to allow a bond.  Maybe the mouldings will allow some clamping-like effect, but I'm not confident that will suffice.  Finally, the glue must not bleed through the vinyl.  Does Gorilla Glue have anything that might do the job?

New Post 2/15/2011 9:55 AM
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Re: Vinyl to Wood in an RV 

Difficult repair!  Vinyl is manufactured with petroleum and depending on the level of petroleum in the vinyl will determine if any of our glues will stick to it or not.  If it has a small amount, the glues will work great; a higher amount, not so well.  I always recommend testing a sample area first when vinyl is one of your surfaces, roughing up the surfaces first and I would recommend trying Gorilla Epoxy.  Clamping is not needed, it does not foam and expand and you will need to leave your surfaces undisturbed for 90 minutes.  Check out the directions on our web-site. Perhaps ask the RV manufacturer what they would recommend using on this specific repair.  MaryEllen

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